H a m - R a d i o
Packet Software
Baycom 1_7.zip         "Link Outage"

NPFPMS 1_38.zip        "Link Outage"

SV2AGW 2001.38.zip    
SV2AGW 2002.10.zip    
SV2AGW 2002.1120.zip  Software for when using Winpack, Packet Software
SV2AGW 2004.1108.zip  with a SoundBlaster or simular sound card.
SV2AGW 2005.127.zip 
Winpack 6.70          G4IDE Packet RF/Telnet Software.
Winpack 6.7/8 update.
Winpack 6.80          G4IDE Packet RF/Telnet Software.

Sally128              Packet RF/Telnet Software.

WinPSK208.zip         PSK 31/64 software for transmitting and receiving using an interface 
                      between sound card and transceiver. 

WinPSKse2.23.zip      PSK 31/64 modified PSK software originally written by AE4JY 
                      and modified and extended by Dave Knight, KA1DT.
                      Requires interface between sound card and transceiver.
MixW v2.09
MixW v2.14            Ham Radio Software for TX/RX rtty, packet, sstv, amtor,
MixW v2.16	      pactor, psk31/64, bpsk, CW,
MixW v2.17         
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